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Obamacare and Medicare help in Michigan

Do the Math. If you're paying $15 to $30 per person per month you could be paying $10,000 to $100,000 a year more on top of the commissions your're already paying for the same services we offer for FREE. Employee Benefit Services has over 25 years experience in the health insurance industry. We specialize in working with small to large size employer groups and helping them with their Health, Dental, Life & Disability, and Liability insurance plans. We are licensed with the largest carriers in the state and we will work with you to find the best plan for your employees and your bottom line. 

Is your agent charging you Monthly Fees on top of Commissions?

                                                                   Why and For What???

As your agent, these are the services we provide at NO CHARGE to YOU:

Employee Benefit Services charges no additional fees for any services.

A new trend in Health Care is for Agents to charge employers a monthly fee per employee and then on top of that, they charge for COBRA, ACA 1094c & 1095c forms, Employee Meetings and more. What is this for? Sounds like more costs to you and your employees.

  • Old Fashion Customer Service - If your employees contact us, we take care of them. Period!

  • Explain the ACA Laws & Marketplace and how it applies to employers of your size. We are certified by the Government to assist people. We work with your part-time employees too.

  • Present creative benefit options aimed at lowering your cost.

  • Online Administration- We process all administrative changes, adds and deletes directly online for you.

  • COBRA Administration- New Employee Notices, Qualifying Event Notices, Open Enrollment, Provide Monthly Reporting and Payment tracking. Our Software is updated as changes in the law occur.

  • New Employee Orientation- Explain benefits & assist them with completing applications.

  • Provide Employees with a Toll-Free number where we assist them with Claim Issues and Benefit question. Emails and Texting also.

  • Conduct or Assist with Employee and Retiree meetings.

  • Renewal Benefit Analysis, Cost Comparisons and Quoting Benefit options

Regardless of whether your renewal is coming up or has already passed, we are here to support your insurance needs. We can also assist you if you don't currently offer coverage to your employees.